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Smart Kids Chore System

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Learning to treat chores as a family team is the KEY to creating and maintaining a tidy, organized home (that you don’t have to clean all by yourself!), and it’s attainable through the Smart Kids Chore System. Now, you can get your own clean, organized, peaceful home, without having to do ALL the work yourself, or constantly having to nag, threaten, and BRIBE your kids!

You can get all of this life-changing, Info for one low price:

  1. Five modules filled with short (10 minutes or less) video lessons covering EVERYTHING you need to succeed. (Value: $99)

  2.  Worksheets to help you customize everything for YOUR wonderfully unique household and circumstances. (Value: $29)

  3.   The "Learn to Make Your Own S.O.P.s MINI COURSE, where you will learn the secret to making sure that your kids learn to do the job correctly, every time. No excuses! (Value: $49)

  4.   The CHORE TRACKING PHASES CALENDAR- this eliminates the problem of your children being completely overwhelmed by a 180-degree change in expectations. The calendar eases everyone into a new lifetime of habits. . (Value: $19)

  5.   The SECRET SAUCE FOR ALLOWANCES BLACKBOOK- if you've struggled to motivate your children to do a job to their best ability, the Blackbook is a MUST!. (Value: $29)

  6.   TRELLO BOARD FOR CHORES COMMAND CENTER, an online organization center that is 100% free and is an excellent way to keep your children involved in knowing what needs to be done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. (Don't worry! I have a video teaching you exactly how to use it, and it's actually fun too!) (Value: $49)



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Customer Reviews

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Exactly What I Had Been Praying For!

This program (along with the Freedom Moms program) has been EXACTLY what I had been wanting for our home, but didn’t know how to go about implementing. It is worth every penny and more. We are forever grateful for this program being introduced to us. It’s an absolute stroke of genius! We highly recommend!

Lisa Tonder
For the Mom used to doing everything on her own- this saved me!!

When my kids (11 & 13) went to school I would do everything myself and I sort of loved it! Everything was perfect & clean & organised just they way I liked it. My kids would reluctantly help when I asked them and they are great at cleaning their own rooms. However, once we started homeschooling AND I needed to start a business to help with family finances that's when I saw all the major flaws to me doing IT ALL. Plus with everyone at home that meant more messes, more meals at home, less alone time and basically just more chaos!

I could see how this situation was not serving anyone. I needed a system- one that I didn't have to figure out because my plate was full enough as it was. This chore system lays it out in simple terms and reminds me that I don't have to do it all and I shouldn't. I am raising young adults and they need discipline and structure and this system has helped me create a framework to implement just that!

This is a great asset in my parenting tool box as well as my mental health! I am not alone and I don't have to reinvent the wheel! Thank you so much Ashley!

This Has Changed our Home!!

I bought this almost a year ago and it has been so helpful for me in getting my kids to help out with cleaning!! Almost a year later we're still sticking to our routines with less whining than before, and we feel closer as a family as a result (FAMILY MEANS TEAM!!)! It's such a relief to not feel like the weight of a clean home rests on my shoulders alone. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience Ashley!!

Ramona Best
Help On The Way!

I'm grateful for this course. I've been trying to inconsistently implement some type of system for chores/contributing to the home for years but didn't have the mindspace to figure out how to do so in a thorough way. Thank you for the Smart Kids Chore System!!!!! I'm just starting but can see hope for my whole family!

Shannon West
Structure for the person who doesn't like being told what to do!!!

This chore system has been super helpful for myself and my family. I have been working through the videos and worksheets on and off for about 3 months now. This last month I have started to REALLY dive in and use this system as a way of life. Everyday our family is learning how to get on the same page and I am more aware of why "my way" wasn't working. Because, really, I had no good way of managing the household for myself, my husband, and our 4 kids ages 11, 9, 7, and 5. The shut downs brought to light that I was living in chaos because I didn't know how to get my lists out of my head and onto paper where my family could be held accountable and knew what I was expecting.

I'm a free spirit kind of person so lists, schedules, and routines can occur as difficult and sometimes cause me to stick my tongue out at them :-p BUT the way Ashley made these videos is short and sweet so I can understand her point without getting bored. The printouts are super pretty AND easy to use so I can muster up the focus to work through them. I am super happy with this purchase and have bought a few different products and have not been let down!

If you have looked at your house and your life and thought "Why am I doing most, if not all of the work? Why am I repeating the same mistakes everyday? Why am I always upset with my family for not helping the way I need. SHOULDN'T THEY JUST KNOW WHAT TO DO AND DO IT?!?!" Then this Chore System might be helpful for you. I am still new to this but I have seen attitude shifts in my kids about chores. I have seen the power of HAVING A VISUAL expectation posted for all to see. And I have seen my brain mellow out because I don't have to make this from scratch. I CAN do this! I CAN "follow the rules"! I can be a Freedom Mom!

Thank you Ashley and The Freedom Mom's team. You are simply fantastic!!!