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361 Tiny Tasks

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You know you want to keep your home clean... 

WITHOUT spending huge chunks of time cleaning it every day!!
But...you're stuck

You're just not sure how to keep the mess under control or EVER get any deep cleaning done!!

I'm here to change all of that!! I'm Ashley, a mother of 10 children (yes, you read that right!), and I have been keeping my home reasonably clean and organized for nine years!

I've developed a method of housekeeping that actually works, WITHOUT having to spend your whole entire life cleaning! It works on the busiest days, and it works on the lazy days, it works whether you have one child, or fifteen!

Tiny Tasks are the very first step of accomplishing what feels impossible

...a clean home!

It's time to get un-stuck, Mama!

Customer Reviews

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Save yourself a LOT of time!

What a through list! And what a great way to save myself a ton of time compiling my own! My kids now brag about completing Tiny Task #__. 😄

Great List for the Price!

I was so happy to buy this on a great sale and look forward to using it to tackle less-cleaned areas of my home! :) Thanks.

Victoria T.
No more guilt and shame!

I have ADHD and have SUCH a hard time being productive. It's the typical..."so much to do I can't even start bc I'll never finish"...overwhelm, followed by extreme guilt bc I feel lazy as heck and set a terrible example for my kids.😮‍💨

This list is so exciting for me!
A. It helps me have a visual on how much I actually DO and,
B. It breaks things down perfectly for my anxious neurodivergent brain!🤯

Thank you so much Ashley!🥰

Kelly Mulvey-Lee
So helpful!

This is such an amazing resource! When I'm having one of those days when I don't even know where to start, or I feel like I don't have time to do anything, pulling out this list and doing a couple of no-brainer tiny tasks gives me such a sense of accomplishment. Thank you!

Sara Garza

361 Tiny Tasks