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Monthly Deep Cleaning Plan

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This is the checklist that I use every single month to keep my home in tip-top shape!

I spend about 10-15 minutes per day working through this, several days per week...even if I only have time to do 1-2 days per week, I'm able to stay on top of the deep cleaning tasks and get through the whole house!

Keep your home ready for a drop in visit from Martha Stewart...the Freedom Moms way!

Customer Reviews

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Love having the simplicity right at my fingertips

I love check lists. They help keep on task with all the things that I have to do as a busy mom. Unfortunately, I don't always remember nor have the time to keep making my own. This product has helped TREMENDOUSLY in keeping me organized, clean and all the things i need to do, broken up into manageable monthly tasks. And the best thing about a printable is that I can reuse this product over and over again!

Love this plan!

I love having this simple plan for really having a clean home!

Kelly Ann

I love how simple this is!

The BEST deep cleaning checklist

Ashley makes it so simple and easy to use. I love her system. She truly breaks it down, so you feel accomplished every step of the way.

These are Truly Life Savers

As a busy mom, that runs a business out of her home, with a mixture of busy kids going to school and doing school at home, grabbing one of these to deep clean an area, or giving them to kids to do so, has saved me! I am easily distracted and will always end up cleaning or organizing something completely different than what I set out to do, and using these checklists helps me to not only stay on track and get the job done, but to get it done thoroughly! I love these!