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Mom SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

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The reason I created these Mom SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) is three-fold:

#1 People are always asking me how I do things. I think it’s helpful for us moms to have another mom break down a process into easy to follow steps. It makes tasks feel more approachable!

#2 The Done-For-You chore SOPs are SO popular, I thought maybe my Freedom Moms need MORE!

#3 These SOPs are something that I WISH was available when I was a struggling young mom and homemaker. 

These Mom SOPs are basically shortcuts to the most efficient way I have found to do all the Mom things...consider them cheat codes to Mom-Efficiency! 

I have included:

  • Meal Planning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Church Prep
  • Hospitality
  • When The House Has Blown Up  (everything is messy, let's put it back together)
  • Morning Routine
  • Afternoon Routine
  • Evening Routine
  • Leaving The House With Children
  • Packing For Vacation
  • Returning From Vacation

Grab yours today and SIMPLIFY your life!

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Robinson
Thank You

I purchased these to help my spouse, children and myself start cleaning on the same page. So far it’s been a smooth move to these SOP’s. Everyone knows their expectations and things get clean. Thank you!

Wanda Thomas
ADHD Mom Life Saver

As a mom with ADHD I struggle with keeping my house neat and organized. Having the Freedom Mom SOP template as my baseline has given me more time, a solid plan of attack and has helped me feel like I'm becoming a better role model for my kids when it comes to household stuff. We're now all on the same page and it feels GO FREAKING GOOD.

So easy!

I love products that help me think less about tasks so I can save my brainpower for higher priority things. The SOPs help me meet my goals with less work!

Helpful & simple to follow

Sometimes the mom life (and the mom brain) can feel overwhelming. These SOPs are great for breaking down tasks to reduce some of the overwhelm that can be present for things like returning from a vacation or even basic weekly tasks like meal planning.

Yael Bendahan
Obsessed with these SOPs!

This takes so much of the guesswork away for me. Thanks SO MUCH Ashley!