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Laundry Boss

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Who is this for?

Laundry Boss is for the busy mom who is struggling to keep her head above water when it comes to laundry...it’s just never-ending!

If you are sick and tired of constantly feeling like you’re a laundry failure, this is the way to finally feel like you’re winning!

If you want a laundry system that:

  • Feels predictable...you know how much you’ll have to do, and how long that will take you.
  • Follows Freedom Moms principles...the kind of system where perfectionism has no place.
  • Is Flexible...there is not ONE way of doing laundry that trumps all others! 
  • Has both a Plan A and a Plan B...for the days that go smoothly, and the days where there is more laundry than normal!
  • Has a Laundry EMERGENCY plan...this is for you to use when you come home from vacation, or there has been illness in the home.
  • Has you doing laundry in a beautiful environment...if we have to do laundry, we might as well enjoy our surroundings!
  • Involves delegating some of those laundry chores...there’s no reason to do it all yourself!

What is this?

One of the Freedom Moms targeted mini courses where we deep-dive into the topic of laundry!

Included in this course are 8 different videos covering: (Value: $49)

  • Mindset, mindset, mindset!- Did you even know there is a laundry mindset? There is!
  • How to figure out your laundry numbers!- Knowing your numbers gives you FREEDOM!
  • Freedom Moms laundry principles
  • How to implement some flexibility into your routine, because as we know...life happens
  • Figuring out your laundry plans for ultimate success, no matter what is going on in your life
  • Designing a laundry emergency plan that will save you when your laundry pile resembles Mt. Rushmore
  • How to beautify your laundry environment so that you actually ENJOY your time spent in the laundry room
  • How to get your children involved in laundry with as little pain as possible

And as usual, I am including some bonuses to ensure your success!

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