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Kitchen Domination

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Want to EASILY feed your family every night (Yes, even your fussy eaters) without tearing your hair out, being a servant in the kitchen, scrambling to find what to cook, or relying on take-out…My Kitchen Domination System makes it EASY for you!

Let's face it, there are just never enough hours in the day, and you're starting to dread your kitchen time.

...because we never know what life is going to throw our way when it’s time to start cooking dinner…

  1.  Will I have the energy to cook?

  2.  Will the meat be thawed?

  3.  Do I even have the ingredients?

  4.  Do I have the time for what I originally planned? 

  5.  Kids activities and schooling take up so.much.time.

  6.  Will the little kids behave while I am cooking?

  7.  Will anyone even eat what I cook?

You can get all of this life-changing Info for one low price:

  1.   Four modules filled with short (10 minutes or less) video lessons covering EVERYTHING you need to succeed. (Value: $89)

  2.   Worksheets to help you customize everything for YOUR wonderfully unique kitchen and circumstances. (Value: $29)

  3.   Freedom Kitchen Cookbook with all of my favorite recipes for the Kitchen Domination Method (Value: $19)

  4.   Meal Planning, Batch Cooking, and Freezer Cooking Blank Templates, along with many other helpful worksheets, to help you get everything planned out. (Value: $19)

  5.   Binder Notes For All Of The Course Videos- I've put these notes together for you to refer back to whenever you need to refresh on the info, or reference something! This will save you the time from having to watch the whole video over. (Value: $11)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Colleen Garcia
Finally Got A Handle!

I’m a “veteran” mom. My 6 kids range in age from 13 to 26, and they’re all still living at home! So mealtime is rough.

I’m so grateful for this Kitchen Domination course. I feel like I’ve finally found the answer to keeping mealtime sanity!

Thank you Ashley!

Laura Mitchell
Smart Cooking

I love how this cooking method is not just one type or the other. It’s not just batch cooking, not just freezer cooking, etc. It’s smart cooking—using a variety of methods that use the least amount of a mom’s time. Thank you!

Great stuff!

I had a good grip on my kitchen to begin with: menu planning, shopping, kids cooking, bulk freezer cooking, etc. already in place. I felt that I have to spend too much time in the kitchen though! (Some of that IS the nature of feeding 10-11 people 3 meals a day...) Ashely has given me permission to lighten up on some of my "meal standards", and keep it simple more often. She also gave me the boost I needed in the getting-more-veggies-in department. It's easy the KD way!
I am excited to see Ashley teaching all the things I keep trying to sell the young moms around me on! ('Great minds' and all that...😁) This is PERFECT for anybody regularly doing the 5 P.M. scramble! It's easy to "dominate" with a few lessons.

Elizabeth Tuck
Take your kitchen back!

I realized, when my kitchen is in dismay, my whole house falls behind with it. We didn't eat out a lot but I found myself grabbing the easy stuff (meaning unhealthy) and throwing in the oven. This course teaches you how to take back control and having a solid plan. Plus the recipes that come with it are amazing!