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Kids In The Kitchen

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I discovered a secret that will help cut your workload in half and prepare your child for kitchen success...

My proven strategy that teaches children (from an early age) how to plan, cook, and clean up after themselves in the Kitchen (and have fun doing it!). I will teach your child to become a confident cook and kitchen helper.

Imagine if you could help your child become a confident cook and kitchen

helper without…

•  Creating a TON MORE work for yourself....

• Investing Huge Chunks of time teaching every single kitchen skill...

• Turning your kitchen into a TOTAL disaster that takes YOU hours to clean at the end of the day!

You can get all of this kitchen liberating Info for one low price:

  1. Six modules that will take your child (with some help from you) from kitchen novice to cooking independently. (Value: $99)

  2.   Worksheets and templates to help you and your child create meals plans, grocery lists, and balanced meals. (Value: $19)

  3.   Kitchen Phasing In Calendar to help you introduce your child to cooking gradually, without feeling overwhelmed! (Value: $29)

  4.   Binder notes for ALL videos. So that you can quickly reference a video's content WITHOUT having to watch the entire video again.(Value: $29)

  5.   Kitchen Clean-Up SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), so that your child has a checklist for EXACTLY what needs to be done to whip the kitchen back into shape after cooking! (Value: $9)

  6.   Freedom Kids Kitchen Cookbook! This cookbook has all kid-friendly starter recipes. They take your child through a proven cycle of recipes that will have him/her independently cooking in no time! (Value: $29)

Total Value: $253

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Liz T
Love Kids in the Kitchen!

I was convinced I was the only one who could use the kitchen. I did the Kids in the Kitchen course and never looked back!! I have 4 kids, 3 old enough to cook (some with more assistance). Now the 3 all have one day a week they are responsible to feed the family 3 square meals leaving me only doing the cooking 4 days a week! Highly recommend!

Jasmine Basch
Such a great tool

I question whether or not to get this because four out of five of my kids are too old for this course.
But not only is it good for kids of all ages if they just want to get some more tips in the kitchen. My seven-year-old is in love with this course and the recipes!

Rebecca Hissam
“I’ll make breakfast Mom!”

My “picky eater“ cooks for me now and it takes care of the picky problem for him to experience being in the Cook’s shoes. I am so happy to be teaching my kids to cook, and they are so happy as well. My six and eight year old boys each have their own recipe binder with their personal recipes that they know how to make. That binder represents wonderful bonding time in the kitchen, and a set of skills that leaves them confident and equipped.