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Freedom Kids Printable Pack

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The Freedom Kids Printable Pack is here to help you build strong habits in your children, and to provide useful tools for your children to take ownership of their chores and their spaces.

You will get:

- The Habit Tracker For Kids so that your children can start tracking their personal care habits, chores, and any other small habits that you would like to add on!

- The 30 Day Decluttering Checklist For Kids so that your kids can start decluttering their room and other spaces for just 5 minutes per day and build a lifelong decluttering habit!

- The Monthly Deep Cleaning Task Checklist For Kids so that your children can spend a small amount of time each day working on the tasks that will keep their rooms sparkling!

-  The Extracurricular Tracker this tracker will help you to have a birds-eye view of any extracurriculars your child is participating in year-round...to help keep you from scheduling in TOO much!

- The "When Your Room Explodes" SOP this SOP will guide your children through getting their room back in "ship shape" when it is REALLY messy! It is step by step to keep prevent overwhelm!

- The Keeping Your Room Clean SOP this SOP is to be used after the When Your Room Explodes SOP to guide your child through the daily habit of tidying the room to keep it neat and clean!

This printable pack provides the support tools your child will need to really internalize all of the Smart Kids Chore System material!


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Love it!

Easy to follow instructions for the kids. Great reminders on what needs to be done.