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Done For You SOPs

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S.O.P stands for Standard Operating Procedure, and it's one of the cornerstone pieces to the Smart Kids Method!

If your child doesn't know the standard and have it in front of him/her, how will he know if the job is done right?

Creating your own S.O.P.s will take a big chunk of your time ( I know because I have made them for my own home...). Would you rather just have the exact S.O.P.s that I use in my own home? All you have to do is print them off, laminate them if you want to, and post them in the rooms of your house.

***Please Note*** This is not the same as the free bonus included in the course. The Learn To Make Your Own SOP's that is included in the course teaches you to do your own. This is Done-For-You.

All of the heavy lifting is DONE for only $29! Included are the following:

  1. bathroom

  2. kitchen

  3. dining area

  4. family room

  5. bedroom

  6. laundry

  7. cleaning out the refrigerator

***Please note: these are pdfs and are NOT editable unless you have Adobe Acrobat (and know how to edit using it. I cannot provide you with another type of file.***

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephanie Robinson
Useful, Helpful & User Friendly

I purchased these in hopes to help my family get on the same page as to how to clean room, step by step. The kids SOP’s are easy to follow, the mom SOP’s are very detailed and easy to follow.

Jenifer Miller

Appreciate having to not think about these and just implement them into ours lives

Helping us help the kids

Since we have started using this our kids have started the day cleaning the kitchen and their bedroom. Its helping us make things easier for them to do the right thing.

No more excuses.

These SOPs make everything so easy, there are no more excuses.
I was in put-it-off mode for a lot of what I learned in Smart Kids until I decided to save sanity and time, and just buy these, rather than "getting around to making my own... someday". The work is all done for you, and they look beautiful! The kids and I LOVE them. (And the bathrooms are actually clean.)

Caroline Peterson
So Helpful!

These are a very simple tool to give your children a checklist to follow for cleaning specific rooms in your house. Could you do it yourself? Of Course! But... in the time you save by using the ones that are already made, you could clean an entire room or more. We have found these extremely helpful.