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Decluttering Freedom Course PLUS the Decluttering Workbook

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Ready to conquer your clutter once and for all and find FREEDOM?

This Decluttering Deep-Dive course will teach you how...the Freedom Moms way!

In this course, you will learn the strategies needed to finally:

  1. make decluttering a small, daily habit

  2. get your whole house decluttered (without sacrificing a whole weekend to do it)

  3. KEEP your house decluttered in under five minutes a day

Included are six different decluttering lessons:

  1. Decluttering Daily

  2. Anchoring Your Decluttering

  3. 3 Minute Miracle

  4. Conquering Clutter Perfectionism

  5. The Decluttering Formula

  6. Q&A

Please note: This is a digital product, nothing will be mailed. No refunds.

The Decluttering workbook will lead you through getting your whole house decluttered. The key is building a decluttering habit, and doing a little bit every day. In the first month, you will spend 10-15 minutes per day, but each month thereafter, the time will be less and less.

The Decluttering Workbook includes instructions, as well as checklists and notes sections.

This is a digital product, nothing will be mailed. No refunds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sheila H.
Decluttering Simplified

I have bought several courses from Freedom Mom and have loved them all. Ashley is great at explaining simple tips, tricks, and techniques to help make a mundane task much more pleasant and manageable. I have just gotten started on the Decluttering Freedom Course and cannot wait to deep dive into it all. Thank you Ashley and Team for putting these great programs together!

Absolute Life-Saver

I love this program! I love how Ashley is once again demystifying the process of being organized and taking control of time management. Learning how to start small, build the habit, and then continue to maximize small free moments of the day is life-changing. Begin today and enjoy your journey. You won’t regret it!

Veronica Gutierrez
Amazing instrument

Yo should definitely buy this course. It's a great instrument to start a very long but satisfactory journey of having a neat, clutter free home.

Lena E
Decluttering Freedom

Decluttering Freedom and workbook is different than other decluttering system. I love the bag marking system and the calendar. While I'll need to make a few adjustments to the calendar to apply to my own home, it's very applicable for any home. I am seeing progress already. Thanks Ashley for a fun and doable approach to decluttering.