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Decluttering Freedom AND Decluttering Freedom Live

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Ready to conquer your clutter once and for all and find FREEDOM? Let's do it together, LIVE!!!!

Starting on January 1, we will be going through the daily decluttering tasks listed out in the Decluttering Freedom course...and we're going to do it...


We will have a private Facebook group, specifically for January Decluttering, where we can post our before/after pictures of each decluttering task, and where you will also get a daily FB Live pep talk from ME!

Let's start 2022 off on the right foot and conquer the clutter together!

Let's recap what you get with your purchase:

- access to the private Facebook group for support and accountability

- daily Facebook Live pep talks from me (Ashley) on Monday through Friday (no FB lives on the weekends) during the month of January

- the motivation and support you will need to create the decluttering habit


Ready to conquer your clutter once and for all and find FREEDOM?

This Decluttering Deep-Dive course will teach you how...the Freedom Moms way!

In this course, you will learn the strategies needed to finally:

  1. make decluttering a small, daily habit

  2. get your whole house decluttered (without sacrificing a whole weekend to do it)

  3. KEEP your house decluttered in under five minutes a day

Included are six different decluttering lessons:

  1. Decluttering Daily

  2. Anchoring Your Decluttering

  3. 3 Minute Miracle

  4. Conquering Clutter Perfectionism

  5. The Decluttering Formula

  6. Q&A

Please note: This is a digital product, nothing will be mailed. No refunds.


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