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Anchor Chore Checklist (Physical) Printed and Laminated

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As you know, checklists are my ABSOLUTE favorite way to get stuff done. They take the guesswork out of any job, and so all you have to focus on is doing the next thing!

When you are overwhelmed and scrambling, just having a list in front of you can be the life preserver that you need!

I created a separate printed and laminated checklist for the following anchors:

  • Wake-up
  • After Breakfast
  • After Lunch
  • Afternoon 4:30
  • After Dinner
  • Before Bed
  • Saturday Cleaning

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Customer Reviews

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Laurie K.
Anchor Chore Checklist

I bought these for my kids to use. We've used detailed handwritten chore checklists and printed lists that were laminated at home in the past. The handwritten lists were frequently "lost" and the lists laminated at home weren't nearly as thick or sturdy. I had also been acused of being too picky when I made chore checklists, but seeing the detailed lists on the Anchor Chore Checklists, they've now decided that I actually knew what I was talking about. It is always funny how the same information coming from someone outside the family can be received so well. Overall, the Anchor Chore Checklists were a big hit and my helpers have upped their efforts.